Paul & The National Benefit Authority

Moving forward from his athletic career, Paul Rosen needed help in the transition phase from decorated Canadian athlete to model Canadian citizen. He needed a new outlet to share his energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly, his wisdom.

Difficulty finding purpose or meaning in his new life, Paul spiraled to a low point. He was getting uncomfortably short on funds, and didn’t have anyone to turn to for help: he felt embarrassed by his situation.

Rosey eventually encouraged himself to find help, and began researching organizations that could pull him out of his troubles. He stumbled upon The National Benefit Authority (NBA), and called them on a whim. They sounded perfect for his situation: they required no upfront fee and are Canada’s largest service provider of the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), a non-refundable credit that relieves disability costs for differently-abled Canadians. Rosey quickly learned through The NBA that he unknowingly had Disability Tax Credit retroactive funds he could claim – though he wasn’t sure how. Despite being a well-known disability advocate, Paul was unaware disability programs like the DTC were available in Canada, like many others; over half the people who qualify for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada don’t submit a claim.

It feels a touch ironic that I am so active in the community, and had no idea, Paul said.

Luckily, that’s exactly what The NBA specializes in – helping Canadians through the complex and lengthy Disability Tax Credit application process. With no upfront fees, The NBA helped Rosey get back onto his feet by recovering the money he deserved from his long term disability.

And unexpectedly – on both sides – a bond was formed.

Paul was blown away by the professionalism & timeliness of the 150 professionals working at The NBA; they were similarly impressed with Rosey’s demeanour, attitude, and how he carried himself. The NBA founder, Akiva Medjuck, saw a lot of the same qualities in Rosey that encouraged Akiva to start The NBA – particularly his perseverance, and dedication in helping members of Canada’s differently-abled community. Plus, since Paul was now a successful, former client, who knew the in’s and out’s of The NBA’s processes, Akiva couldn’t think of a better man to be the official company ambassador and spokesperson for The National Benefit Authority.

Rosey accepted because of the epiphany he had from his own experience: if a well-informed and connected member of the disability community was unaware of these disability benefits in Canada, how many more Canadians are unaware of their eligibility?

As a respected disability advocate and Canadian hero, Paul Rosen, along with Akiva Medjuck & The NBA, have similar goals: to educate, motivate, and inspire differently-abled Canadians in living life to their fullest. While they go about it in different ways – Paul uses his stories, experiences, and wisdom; The NBA facilitates a higher standard of living through disability tax credits – their purpose is the same.

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